Session 6A - Scicomm across continents: learning from engagement with global health research in the global South and global North

Room 3.21

Panel Discussion

Bella Starling (Public Programmes, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust UK); Athula Sumathipala & Steven Blackburn (Keele University, UK & Sri Lanka); Simon Denegri (NIHR, UK); Helen Latchem (MeSH, UK & global)

With welcome international initiatives such as the Global Challenges Research Fund, how can we foster exchanges and learning related to engagement with health research across continents? What can science engagement in the global North learn from practices in the global South? And vice versa? Following brief presentations highlighting science engagement practices in Sri Lanka, Africa and globally, a Panel discussion will explore: different contexts for engagement in the global South and the global North, common challenges and how we might work to share knowledge and experience to address them.