Session 5E - Power to the parents: research driven by societal need using user-led citizen science

Room 3.25

Panel Discussion

Sophia Collins (Parenting Science Gang, UK); Davide Filingeri (Loughborough University, UK); Amber Marshall (, UK); Katie Bebb (Mealtime Hostage Parenting Science Gang, UK)

The lives of parents are fraught with unanswered questions and unevidenced advice. So what happens when you hand the power to do research over to them? What do they investigate and how successfully do they find meaningful results?

Parenting Science Gang was a Wellcome-funded, online citizen science project where 2500 parents used Facebook to devise and carry out seven research projects supported by university-based scientists. During this panel session we will examine the project from the perspectives of individual members, community leaders, academic researchers and public engagement professionals and provide a facilitated opportunity for participants to explore how aspects of our learning can be applied to their own outreach.