Session 5A - Diversity in science communication and diverse science

Room 3.21

Panel Discussion

Maymana Arefin (UCL, UK); Edward Thomas Bankes (UCL, UK); Katherine Cecil (UCL, UK); Elena Falco (UCL, UK); Santiago Guzmán Gámez (UCL, UK); Yolanda Ohene (UCL, UK)

The importance of diversity for science communication has been increasingly recognised and institutionalised, particularly in seeking to extend the audiences for science communication. However, where schemes seek to extend participation, such work risks ignoring the potential transformation and disruption required to accommodate and recognise the multiple publics, communicators, and understandings and experiences of ‘science’ that would be needed to make science communication truly ‘diverse. Drawing from notions of diversity within critical race theory, STS, queer theory and global histories of science, panellists seek to initiate a conversation concerning what diversity might mean for science communication, and how this diversity might be realised in practice.