Session 3E - What does community-led science engagement look like?

Room 3.25

Panel Discussion

Leah Holmes (Public Programmes, Manchester University NHS Trust, UK); Atiha Chaudry (Greater Manchester Black and Minority Ethnic Network, UK) ; Jemma Tanswell (Reform Radio, UK) + Bolatito von May, young adult; Bella Starling (Public Programmes, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust UK); Anita Shervington (Wellcome Engagement Fellow, UK)

Health science is evolving to reflect the need for more diverse voices to be integrated into research, challenging existing practices and power relationships of science communication. This session will explore shifts from research-led science engagement towards more community-led models, drawing on work with BAME communities, and young people seeking employment. Following brief presentations, including a short live performance, Panel and audience discussions will address: What does community-led science engagement look like? What are the power dynamics at play that challenge existing paradigms of science communication? Practically, what are the steps we can take to encourage community-led science engagement? As practitioners, how do we encourage culture change within institutions to foster more community-led innovation?