Session 3A - RETHINK the science communication ecosystem

Room 3.21

Panel Discussion

Frank Kupper (VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands); Tessa Roedema (VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands); Andy Ridgway (University of the West of England, UK); Elena Milani (University of the West of England, UK)

Now anyone with an internet connection can communicate science. But that’s also led to issues such as fake news. At the same time, there are efforts to open science to society by enabling collaborations between scientific and social parties. Yet to many, science is not part of their lives. It’s these challenges that the new European Commission-funded research project, RETHINK, is seeking to address - and we need your help.

Four members of the RETHINK team will introduce the project. Frank Kupper will describe the need for RETHINK. Andy Ridgway will describe how researchers and practitioners and being brought together, Tessa Roedema will explain how online ‘sensemaking practices’ will be explored and Elena Milani will outline the mapping of sci com across Europe.

We also need you to tell us: What should we be RETHINKING about? What are the new roles that science communicators should adopt? And what training is desperately needed?