Session 2A - Diversity in the cultures of physics: physics engagement in Europe

Room 3.21

Panel Discussion

Emma Nichols (University of Manchester, UK); Lloyd Cawthorne (University of Manchester, UK); David Mowbray (University of Sheffield, UK); Leli Schiestl (Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany); Audrey Houillon (Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany)

Our Erasmus+ partnership looked at the differences in how university researchers engage public audiences with physics in the UK, Germany and Spain, and compared these countries’ outreach initiatives specifically targeted at encouraging girls to study physics. We’ll showcase Germany’s “MINToring” girls’ work experience project and present observations on paired international visits where panellists shadowed another partner’s event: Berlin’s ‘Long Night of the Sciences’, where 70+ science institutions open their doors to the public, Manchester’s ‘ScienceX’ where typical science festival activities go to the Trafford Centre over a busy weekend, and Barcelona’s campus-based Festa de la Ciència family event.