Session 1E - The art & science of Aeon

Room 3.25

Panel Discussion

Richard Evans (Cold Star Media, UK); Ric Michael (University of Salford, UK); Joanne Pennock (University of Manchester, UK); Alexandra Geary (University of Manchester, UK); David Robertson (University of Manchester, UK)

The panel explores Aeon, a science fiction drama combining an app, web series and immersive theatre events to depict a future of gene editing, viral outbreaks and modified humans. The panelists discuss the project's development, how scientists and creatives work together to create a multi-platform story and the use of storytelling to immerse audiences into a science-based narrative. With video clips accompanying the discussion, this session delves into the ethics and possibilities of a gene-edited future. Aeon is supported by Arts Council England, the University of Manchester, the University of Salford and Manchester Science Festival.