Session 1C - Dynamics of interdisciplinary and inter-publics engagements

Room 3.23

Panel Discussion

Inga Ulnicane (De Monfort University, UK); Tara Mahfoud (King’s College London); Christine Aicardi (King’s College London, UK); Simisola Akintoye (De Monfort University, UK)

Interdisciplinarity has become a catchword for a wide range of institutional actors. Funders, policy makers, universities, uniformly converge on the idea that interdisciplinarity is key to conducting research and innovation responsibly for addressing the global challenges facing the world. As a consequence, much effort is directed towards engineering interdisciplinarity, based on the unquestioned value of an idealized interdisciplinary imaginary. But whether engineered or grassroot grown, interdisciplinarity is multiple and multifaceted, it can take many forms locally and globally and bring together a broad diversity of individuals, which can result in very different dynamics of engagement.

The panel will present 4 short papers (12-15 minutes) that will offer complementary perspectives on little investigated and question-raising aspects of interdisciplinary engagements and their dynamics. It will question the labour done by early career researchers in interdisciplinary projects; the potential role of ‘critical friendship’ in interdisciplinary collaboration; the way in which sociohistorically situated and nested scales of ‘place’ can shape interdisciplinarity; and how framing civil society enrolment in terms of interdisciplinarity could help re-think public engagement. A 30-minutes question-led roundtable, open to the audience, will follow.