Session 1B - towards participatory problem-solving: conversations between science communities in Europe and Africa

Room 3.22

Panel Discussion

Gameli Adzaho (Global Lab Network, Ghana); Rick Hall (Ignite! & European Citizen Science Association, UK); Anita Shervington (Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow and Founder of BLAST Fest, UK)

Humanity’s culture of inquiry, experimentation, and innovation may be diminishing if science remains the preserve of highly-trained experts. Community Science encourages public participation and may help to reverse increasing threats to evidence-informed decision making, democracy, and sustainable development. Africa and Europe stand to benefit from recent global interest in community science. There are many similarities between the movements on both continents, yet there are specific regional issues to explore. Our objective is to seed a conversation on community-oriented and participatory research and innovation between Africa and Europe as a way of strengthening grassroots efforts, and stimulating mutually beneficial collaborations.