Sci-comm Megaburrito

Manchester Eateries

On Thursday evening, after we've finished the Sci-Comm Marketplace session, delegates will be encouraged to join one of multiple social events, taking place in venues all across Manchester. Dinner options range from cheap and cheerful takeaway food to delicious local mainstays and artisanal food vendors - all recommended by the organisers, and in a range of locations from just by the conference venue to the city centre's famous Northern Quarter.

We invite you to explore Manchester's vibrant culinary scene, while networking and continuing discussions with your fellow conference attendees. On Thursday, sign-up sheets will be placed by conference reception, and you can indicate where you intend to go for dinner by writing your name on the appropriate sheet. Each venue will be limited to a group of around 8 attendees, and the conference team and volunteers will lead parties to some of the further-away locations once the daytime events finish.


The dinner venues will include restaurants with vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and halal options, and a range of cuisines and price levels. If you need more information about the dinner venues ahead of time, or have any other questions, please contact

Science communicators organise evening social events all year round in locations all over the UK, to allow those interested in and practicing science communication to meet regularly and network - you can visit to find your nearest one. Our Thursday night dinner locations have been arranged by the organisers of Manchester's regular Sci-Comm Burrito, and more details are at