Lightning Talks 2

Room G.36

The lightning talk sessions are an opportunity for presenters to share an aspect of their research and/or practice. Each presenter will be given 5 minutes to speak. After 4 minutes they will receive a warning, and after 5 minutes they will be asked to stop. Each presentation will directly follow the one before it, with the audience asked to reserve any questions for the end of the session, where they will have the opportunity to ask the presenter any questions they might have in person.

  1. Carbon City Zero - Sam Illingworth (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

  2. Copernicus: space sciences and technologies appropriation - Felipe P. Mosquera (FUDARTA, UK)

  3. Discovering fascinating physics: #WaveWatching, #KitchenOceanography, and #DropPhotography - Mirjam S. Glessmer (fascinocean, Germany)

  4. Science, Tech and Social Innovations - Reina Yaidoo (Bassajamba CIC , UK)

  5. Tide of Science: an ocean of opportunities - Ronaldo Christofoletti (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil)

  6. Building Africa's Science and Innovation Communities - Gameli Adzaho (Global Lab Network, Ghana)

  7. Still Life - using arts to discuss stillbirth - Katharine Cresswell (The University of Manchester, UK)

  8. Breaking Good - making molecules that matter with high school students - Alice Motion (University of Sydney, UK)

  9. Breaking barriers with Discovery Planet - Victoria Mason (University of Kent, UK)