SIP 2019 Inclusion Policy

We believe that diverse contributions lead to richer debates and knowledge generation. The Science in Public (SIP) 2019 conference organisers are committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion in the organising and hosting of the conference.

The organisers are committed to the principles of equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion. We are committed to facilitating the inclusion of contributions from academics, practitioners and community partners regardless of race, age, culture, ability, ethnicity or nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status.

To this end, we are committed to:

  • Providing a positive and inclusive experience for all conference attendees

  • Reducing physical, social, and economic barriers to participation in the conference

  • Valuing the different ways in which people can make contributions to knowledge generation

  • Cultivating awareness of how social, cultural, political, or economic privileges are, at any given time, accessible to some participants and not others

  • Listening to feedback, improving our offer and sharing learning with the SiP committee and future conference organisers

We will work towards achieving these inclusive goals through:

  • Actively encouraging conference participants to abide by our policy in practice

  • Actively encouraging diverse participation in communications in the call for contributions

  • Clearly communicating the different ways in which people can make contributions to the conference

  • Making reasonable adjustments to meet specific access requirements

  • Offering reduced conference fees and bursaries to support people with limited access to financial means to cover the cost of the conference.

    • Note: we are currently seeking advice on the fairest way in which to target this support to those who need it most

  • Providing points of contact to ensure proactive responses to support the above.